1. So how about them pink pants.

    So how about them pink pants.

  1. sandalphom asked:
    i will bring an old cow to the snaxbot temple so my booty fortune will be robo-blessed

    Ya gotta prevent the ass-pocalypse, one burger at a time, yo.

  1. sandalphom asked:
    never forget the church of snaxbot

    I never will

  1. She could clean up nicely.

    She could clean up nicely.

  1. When I see

    All I can think of is

  1. spoopyflannel:

    Fans: The doors in FNAF take too much power
    Scott Cawthon: Okay *gets rid of all doors*
    Fans: Th At S NO T whAT wE MEAnT!!!!!

  1. letsyifftheanimatronics:

    There’s tension in the air at the Fazbear Pizzeria.

  1. sandalphom asked:
    five nights at snaxbots

    4 jittery 3 ft tall Snaxbots wander the halls, desperately thirsty for hot security guard ass

  1. Oh Mr. Schmidt ohhhh~

    Oh Mr. Schmidt ohhhh~

  1. Anonymous asked:
    Where have Carla lewds been my whole life I mean really shits cute af

    They’ve been in your dreams. Also not here how did you find them

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  1. calvaryburnt:

All of Zone 3 amazes me.


    All of Zone 3 amazes me.

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  1. NSFW Fanart

    Here ya go friends

    Sultry robot pornos under the cut:

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  1. Some arts from /5n@f/

    The NSFW is coming in the next post.

  1. Anonymous asked:
    Hey the teaser video for DONT HUG ME IM SCARED 3 is on the YouTube channel, and the actual video is coming real soon, just thought I let you know!