1. So I Watched Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time

    So the stars finally aligned, allowing for that rare and beautiful opportunity called ‘wasting time watching stupid Disney sequels’. The target this round was Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time. My sister and I had heard many good things about this movie, however, we had been hesitant to sit down and watch it due to the undeniable fact that the both of us HATE the original Cinderella. While the art is gorgeous and such, the movie is not exactly the pinnacle of excitement. Everyone knows how it goes, so it sort of drains all of the interest out. This movie was totally different. 

    Imagine a bad fanfic gone so bad and bizarre that it loops around and becomes incredible. We were both sitting there in shock as we suddenly realized we were actually being entertained by a Disney sequel. It was funny, touching, and had more character development in 10 minutes than the entire original movie. Ironically, probably the least interesting character in the whole film was Cinderella herself. 

    So yes, if you somehow find your opportunity for sitting down and watching girly animated movies, pick this one.